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Final Fantasy VII

My first blog would be about one of the best known old school rpg’s of all time. Final Fantasy VII is unlike the previous Final Fantasy games – this one was the first to go fully 3D.

Story: 9.5

You start the game in Midgar. Rather big city surrounded by mako reactors which are built by Shinra inc. As an ex-soldier, formly working for Shinra inc. Cloud working as a hired mercenary meets up with Barret, the leader of the rebel group called Avalanche which main goal is to stop Shinra from destroying the planet.

Graphics: 9

Very enjoyable cutscenes but sometimes rather pixellated in game experience. Still very fun to watch.

Game-play: 10

Just as all the Final Fantasy games is the ATB battle system. Aside from that is the newly introduced ” materia” which basicly allows you to level up your magic and other attributes which allow for a very fun gaming experience.

Music: 8

Great soundtrack, just a bit annoyed with the battle sounds in some occasions.

Replay: 9.5

Replay values for this game are very high seeing as there are so many little things in this game that can be missed on your first play-through, going from important materia to one time only items. If you wanna get all of the stuff in game, you might have to replay it quite a few times. Even so this game doesn’t seem to get boring.

Overall Score: 9

Being the first rpg I ever played, this one has some amazing qualities, from epic fights to breath taking scenes that will amuse you for hours.


This is a picture showing the in game battle screen.

In game capture of Cloud right at the start of your adventure.

And chocobo racing !


May 27, 2010 - Posted by | RPG's

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