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Final Fantasy VIII

Another great classic in the history of Rpg’s. Presenting Final Fantasy VIII.

Story: 10

The story about the young Balamb Garden SeeD who is still studying for his more complex missions, accompanied by GF’s in a struggle that is about to change the entire world. In his missions given to him by Cid, the headmaster of the Garden, Squall stumbles upon Rinoa, a girl that will change the entire way of his thinking. Further in the story you will also go into ” dream world ” where you will meet Laguna, Ward and Kiros, 3 Galdabian Soldiers who will have a great part in this game. The story is very easy to follow and as the first love story I have ever played, very enjoyable. Even I cried during this game and I’m not scared to admit it. Beautiful cutscenes will make this game feel even more real as you progress trough the game and develop a real bond with your characters.

Gameplay: 9

Very different than the most Final Fantasy games due to the Junctioning which was added in this series, you are now able to draw magic from enemies and stock them, increasing the stat which you decide to junction them to, to increase drasticly depending on which magic you use. Very handy stuff and original, might be hard to figure out at first but its not impossible to understand. The battles are rather easy if you know what you’re doing. Another thing they added is the ” Triple Triad ” card game. A game where you can win a various amount of cards and play by a set of rules. Great way to pass some time.

Graphics: 9

Very realistic and beautiful, you won’t see many games PSX that provide better quality

Music: 8.5

Decent soundtrack and battle sounds with one of my favorite songs included: Eyes on me

Replay: 8.5

Just as most of the rpg type games, you can miss alot of great items if you play it the first time. Easy to overlook and you can also skip alot of minor details and extra’s. If you wanna complete each and every small thing in the game, get ready to play it more than once.


Great game with a very deep storyline, amazing characters and a bunch of great cutscenes. Hours of gameplay and alot of challenges to complete. My personal favorite Final Fantasy game.


Triple Triad card game


In game scenery


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Final Fantasy VII

My first blog would be about one of the best known old school rpg’s of all time. Final Fantasy VII is unlike the previous Final Fantasy games – this one was the first to go fully 3D.

Story: 9.5

You start the game in Midgar. Rather big city surrounded by mako reactors which are built by Shinra inc. As an ex-soldier, formly working for Shinra inc. Cloud working as a hired mercenary meets up with Barret, the leader of the rebel group called Avalanche which main goal is to stop Shinra from destroying the planet.

Graphics: 9

Very enjoyable cutscenes but sometimes rather pixellated in game experience. Still very fun to watch.

Game-play: 10

Just as all the Final Fantasy games is the ATB battle system. Aside from that is the newly introduced ” materia” which basicly allows you to level up your magic and other attributes which allow for a very fun gaming experience.

Music: 8

Great soundtrack, just a bit annoyed with the battle sounds in some occasions.

Replay: 9.5

Replay values for this game are very high seeing as there are so many little things in this game that can be missed on your first play-through, going from important materia to one time only items. If you wanna get all of the stuff in game, you might have to replay it quite a few times. Even so this game doesn’t seem to get boring.

Overall Score: 9

Being the first rpg I ever played, this one has some amazing qualities, from epic fights to breath taking scenes that will amuse you for hours.


This is a picture showing the in game battle screen.

In game capture of Cloud right at the start of your adventure.

And chocobo racing !

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